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Several years ago, our founder and CEO had a vision to make access to addiction and recovery programs more safe and cost effective to our most under-served members of our community.

That drive became relentless and compelled him to launch Divine Right Transportation. We are a rapidly growing company headquartered in Redding, CA. Our charge is to provide needed social and health-oriented services to those in need.

We are driven by our empathetic spirit to serve our communities at large by delivering much needed services to our clients.

Our services are delivered by skilled and qualified individuals who embody the passion, drive and desire to serve others.

Our business model is guided by The Golden Rule to treat our clients, co-workers and the public at large as we would wish to be treated.


Provide solutions to address social needs and health-related transportation needs to those who are under-served with limited income. We provide these services at no expense or cost to our clients and deliver them with the utmost kindness and empathy.


At Divine Right Transportation, we respect our clients and aim to provide them with an excellent experience every time. We understand that every time you get in one of our vehicles, you are entrusting us with your safety. Our core values reflect our dedication to serving you with timely and safe transport.





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